It is more correct to refer to God as the principal as this term is used in a broader sense, not implying diversity of substance. Additionally, we are correct in referring to God as God the Father because He is the first person of the Trinity, that is, he is the paternal person of the Trinity. His Nature begets but does not cause the Son. This God is not just an authoritative person but rule, but is a personal God by virtue and real love and thus is it also by this that we refer to Him as Father. In the Father begetting the Son by generation, the Son then interacts and loves the Father which is the spiration, that special in-spiration, which causes the Holy Spirit. There now takes on a whole new meaning to the scriptures for me, the in-spired texts. But from this vantage, we know that the Father is not a procession or generation of anything for he is uncauses.

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