Truth begins with the senses that the mind must confirm to what the thing actually is. This knowledge, when what the thing is, is matched by what the mind perceives it to be is truth. This has often become a topic of staunch debate, where the ontological argument is how we gain this truth and how it is verified. Truth is therefore not necessarily in the mind, but is only the reality of what the mind is representing. That is a very important object to note!

In noting this we must go back to the infinite and complete knowledge of God existing not in His mind, or that He is this knowledge, but that as His essence displays, He is this knowledge and therefore He is Truth. As creatures in our likeness to Him, our minds can hold truths, many truths, but not the complete truth clearly. Them being truths to us is the matter of their distinction from falsity, whereas to God they are existent period! As he is changeless, these truths are changeless.

And hear the choral angels sing!