It has been some time since I have read a book about prayer. That’s likely because I read so many of them when I became a Christian that I hadn’t the need or desire to change anything about the way I pray. Of course when I became Catholic I was made ready to pray in the liturgy and the common forms. Other than the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet, there has been little change to my prayer regiment in the last several years. Though I felt no need to pick up any book on prayer, what I do enjoy is a book on this sort of subject that is different.

Many prayer books you will find, and I own several of them, are very broad. They will tell you to listen, to be thankful, to pray for others, and to believe. Some of them tell us to fast, though I am not sure why all prayer books don’t include that detail. That’s all good, but many people, myself included, expect more out of a book that is supposed to instruct of such vital topics. Shane Kapler’s book is different. Other books will tell you how to pray, this books tells you who to pray like, with, and through: Jesus.

Shane Kapler is a commander of such topics. In his arsenal is an in-depth background on Jewish and Hebrew history, a vast understanding of their culture, and an intelligent and thoughtful prose which make his book a prosperous offering to anyone seeking a deeper and more complete prayer life. Add to these his control and understanding of scripture, it is the recipe for a prayerful exploration of the life and habit of Jesus.

How does he write about the subject? Shane dives right into the Gospel narratives, picking apart and dissecting each part in which we see Jesus at prayer. Many times in public, and often times alone, we see Jesus’ prayers veiled in a shroud of mystery. Many have offered up thoughts on the content of Jesus’ prayers but Shane offers such in-depth insight to the on goings of the narrative that little is left to be questioned about the matter. Not simply telling the reader “what” Jesus was praying, Shane explains “how” Jesus prays and then offers exactly how you and I can pray with, through, and in the same person. The book was refreshing and invigorating for myself personally. For the devoted Christian desiring to have a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus and His Church, it is done through prayer and Shane Kapler’s book is the perfect companion to one’s prayer life.

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