One Body Many Blogs
The book by the up and coming author and blogger TJ Burdick is one I wish I picked up a long time ago. It took me a couple years to get “into” a bloging scene and figure out the hard way much of the content in this book. More than “finding my voice” or “getting more viewers”, this book contains the essentials for the Catholic blogger’s life. The book is edited by TJ and authored by several of todays top Catholic bloggers. Given any one of the names, the insight into their take on blogging is vital for success and personal maintenance.

The idea in the book is that TJ asks each of these blogsters what their “10 Commandments” would be. The take was different for each but there was common mentions in each: pray, don’t feed the trolls, share other blogger content. The Book is $1.99 and all royalties go to the poor. How rare. This book is worth ever penny and more.

For you, here are my favorite “commandments”, other quips and their associated author:

“If he is interested, Jesus will make your work known. If not, then know that He is content with having it for Himself.” – TJ Burdick

“Don’t be afraid to mess up.” – Devin Rose

“Stay true to the Magisterium. Nobody has time for heresy. The Catholic blogosphere is one of the most remarkably orthodox pools of people I’ve ever know, and we’d all love it to stay that way.” – Mark Barnes AKA “Bad Catholic” (Patheos)

“Research, but not too much … Part of the beauty of blogging is the ability to respond in the moment, even with limited information, and to come back later to fill in the blanks.” – Lisa Hendey from Catholic Mom

“Be a good neighbor by commentig on other bloggers’ sites as frequently as possible” – Lisa Hendy from Catholic Mom

“Connect your blog through [Facebook and Twitter] so they automatically post new updates.” – Brandon Vogt creator of Strange Notions

“Be careful what you say on the Internet. Truely, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a pixel, will pass from the Wayback Machine cache until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall suffer random 404 errors; but he who does them and teaches them shall rank highly on Google.” – Kevin Knight founder or New Advent

“Know when it is better to be silent.” – Frank Weathers from Y I Am Catholic (Patheos)

“Keep a sense of humor with you at all times.” – Deacon Greg Kandra from Deacon’s Bench (Patheos)

“Stay With It. Your blog is a work in progress…” – TJ Burdick