On a Mission Madrid

“On a Mission: Lessons from St. Francis of de Sales” by Patrick Madrid.

This is my sixth book from Patrick Madrid and his large collection of Apologetic writing just got the book it needed.

On a Mission is another Madrid must for all involved in apologetics and the New Evangelization. The book centers around “being a true apostle”. Patrick provides advice, anecdotes, and practical help in forming not just the intellectual mind of the reader, but the caring nature that will truly reflect a servant of God, the apostle. In his usual tone and style Patrick invokes many suggestions for preparing for and reacting to specific situations. He gives the reader his first-hand experience and follows up with takeaways that the reader will be able to employ in any number of situations.

What you don’t get is a reinvention of his other books where he is explaining specific objections to Catholicism. This is much more of a formation book and that is what also makes it vital as the “how to communicate as an apostle” of apologetics.

Overall, the book was easily one of Madrid’s best. Best thing about it to me was the length and the readability. I was able to read this book in a week and you could probably do it in less. At about 150 pages, there is no better buy for lay apologetics and New Evangelization readers. If this might be your first Madrid book, buy it.

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