Most of us know who Matt Fradd is, but all of us know what pornography is. Published by Catholic Answers, this is a big and much-needed weapon in their growing arsenal against secular and worldly notions. It was easy to read, concise, and packed full of relatable characters and content.

The book is a collection of different testimonies from several porn addicts and their eventual triumph over porn. I loved it. But let me tell you about myself quickly.

I got my porn start at 12 or 13 years old. I was in the 7th grade. Actually, it happened even more years before that when some buddies of mine were at a mini mart and ripped open a Playboy magazine. I didn’t look, but their descriptions made me curious. Years later, a friend let me watch his tape. Then, internet was available. Later, I moved away from home with my own internet connection. You see where I am going.

Months into my first semester at New Mexico Military Institute, a military junior college located in Roswell, NM, where porn was banned, my room-mate and I would often talk about it. The quarterback for the football team, I anticipated he would be all about women and porn. Right? No. He handed me a copy of Every Man’s Battle and another of Every Man’s Challenge. Possibly the two most popular anti-porn addiction books there are. I wouldn’t read them until a few years later in the Air Force. Long story short, after no pretty saga of me making my best attempts to get free – God brought me out of it.

A year into my marriage though, it came back. I needed help this time – it was much more difficult than when I was single. I found a psychologist through Focus on the Family, Dr. Sean Stevens in Omaha, NE. He helped me back out of my hole. He is also the tool that God used to bring me to the Catholic Church. Okay, I am not “lust free” but it is good to be porn addiction free. It’s the most difficult thing I have ever done.

Which is what brings me to this book. I didn’t think I needed it. I reasoned, “That’s for men who are still addicts.” Wrong.

This book is for all men, women, and walks of life and spirituality. Why? The testimonies are not the same story over and over. They are a mix of various demographic, profession, experience, and most of all – recovery. You will read in the book about strippers who quit stripping, wives who were convinced that porn and would lead to their marital, financial and emotional success, marriages that were rescued, and men who tried, failed, repeated, and eventually won.

The stories are simply raw and honest. It helped me, the sinner, read about people who are “free” but also recovering. Delivered is a book everyone should have in their library. In its concise language and short length, anyone can find time to rummage through it. Get a copy today at the Catholic Answers Shop.

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