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About Shaun McAfee

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Catholic and loving it!

Greetings! And welcome to my site.

I am Shaun McAfee, a convert to the Catholic Faith and currently am a Lay Dominican with the Central Province of St. Albert the Great. From 2004-2009 I served in the Air Force before earning a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics at the University of North Dakota. After that I resumed work for the U.S. Army as a Civilian and have been doing that ever since. So far, my career has taken me to several places in the Unites States along with assignments in Afghanistan, Japan, and Italy.

In 2013 I earned a Master of Business Administration from Liberty University, and in 2015 I completed a Master of Dogmatic Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. I’m giving some thought to working on a Ph.D or a Th.D.

For now, I live near New Orleans in the wonderful state of Louisiana with my wife Jessica and our six kids.

On the side, I do a little bit of writing…

I am the founder and editor of and I write at the National Catholic Register and for numerous other Catholic publication and resources to include Catholic Answers, Catholic Exchange, and others. Here are my books:

20 Answers: Sacramentals and Relics (Catholic Answers, 2021)

Epic Saints: Wild, Wonderful, and Weird Stories of God’s Heroes (TAN Books, 2020)

I’m Catholic. Now What? (Our Sunday Visitor, 2019)

20 Answers: Conversion (Catholic Answers, 2019)

Inseparable: Five Perspectives on Sex, Life, and Love in Defense of Humanae Vitae (Catholic Answers, 2018)

Social Media Magisterium (En Route, 2018)

Reform Yourself! (Catholic Answers Press, 2017)

St. Robert Bellarmine (En Route, 2016)

Filling Our Father’s House (Sophia Press, 2015)

Thanks for visiting my site.