I explore many aspects of Christianity.  You will find writings about theology, philosophy, apologetics, and life as a Catholic. I write most often from our home office which doubles as a “spare-oom” when visitors bless us.

Me: I am a veteran of the Air Force in which I spent four years in Alaska. Married and looking to further my education, we moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota where I pursued a B.S. in Aeronautics. After graduation and a series of moves, I was offered a job with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha, Nebraska as a Contract Specialist. I took it! Soon after arriving in December 2010 I got started on a Masters in Business Administration which I finished in 2013. During that time I experienced a wonderful conversion to the Catholic Church. Right away, as a new Catholic, I started on another Masters, this time in Dogmatic Theology. I am now a full time student with Holy Apostles College and Seminary.

My Family: My bride and I have been married since 2008. Since then, we have become closer friends and have grown more in love with each other every day. We have two boys, Gabriel and Tristan.

My Work and Writing: Blessed, I have been given the role of Social Media Director for Patrick Madrid’s Envoy Institute and also for Holy Apostles College and Seminary. I help a number of other Catholic organizations build their media platforms. Other than this site, I write at Catholic Exchange, Catholic Lane, Ignitum Today, ChurchPOP, LinkedIn, Catholic Dormitory, and have been featured all around Catholic cyberspace. I have two books coming in the next several months: one about what Catholics can learn from Protestants in the New Evangelization and another book that builds a road map for converts and new Catholics. Stick around for those developments!

Catholic: Nothing has been so rewarded, thrilling, and petrifying as a conversion to the Catholic Church. Mine was more of an intellectual nature as I became steadily but surely convinced of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic faith. I have not rested my feet since becoming a Catholic and I intend to stay busy and devoted to the New Evangelization.

This Site: I hope you like it. I often write about apologetics, theology, Catholic life and the Magisterium.

Jessica, Gabriel, and Shaun

Jessica, Gabriel, and Shaun

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