Month: April 2016

Giving Up This One Simple Thing Got My Whole Life in Order

There’s a lot of fad diets that Christians turn to in order to help them get into the spiritual shape they desire. The fad diet spirituality of yesterday, like Prayer of Jabez and others, are like a battery: they can provide an initial spark and some energy over time, but eventually they die out like the others. Of course as Catholics we have a pretty good roadmap for our spiritual direction and sustenance: the Sacraments. Baptism aids us by removing original sin and entering into the resurrection of Christ. In Confirmation, we receive the ‘blow’, which enables the Holy...

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Silence Really Can Be the Best Method of Evangelization

We’ve heard the saying, “preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” I love that in the opening to the new book from St. Paul Street Evangelization, aptly titled Catholic Street Evangelization brings up this popular quote, and how many people wrongly attribute it to St. Francis of Assisi. There’s no historical account of his ever using the phrase. Whether he used it or not, the quote is still very powerful. On one hand it perfectly identifies our common need to be excellent examples as Christians. Oftentimes we hear the unevangelized tell us that they don’t trust the...

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