Month: January 2015

Is Facebook’s new Policy That Bad?

Recently, Facebook updated its policy on user profile names. The bottom line is that Facebook will no longer allow for occupational prefixes to to be included in a person’s public name – a change that has some concerned. This affects Catholics particularly because there are many priests, deacons, and religious in the ecosystem who currently have a profile name with a “Fr.” or “Sr.” or “Deacon” as part of their name. Many are objecting to this citing that the priesthood is not a mere occupation but is a sacramental reality, or that it is otherwise anti-Catholic. I don’t think that...

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The Narthex is Back!

[iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”50″ width=”350″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Check out the latest episode of The Narthex! Links mentioned in the podcast” Catholic Blogger Awards March for Life Checklist Common Misconceptions About Large...

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The Catholic Scholar’s Most Needed Tool

Since converting to the Catholic Church I’ve had a hunger for knowledge and evangelization. This led me to start another Masters program; I wanted a MA in Dogmatic Theology. Soon after enrolling and getting started, I realized there was an ocean of material to learn. Not just this, but I didn’t know of any way to organize it all in order to make the most of my time and energy. Studying multiple subjects at once, and taking vastly different courses semester-to-semester, I needed to be flexible. Synoptic Gospels while studying the Summa, then to the Documents of Vatican II and the Church Fathers, onto the apocrypha and the rest...

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