This blog post might seem like a bit of bragging. That’s not to poison the well because I had a lot of breakthrough in 2014. But, just as well, my 2014 did not go as expected, and I’m always an “aim high” kind of guy. I just did not imagine so many things coming to fruition so quickly, so many doors opened, and blessings galore. Of course, the year wasn’t perfect, after all, Peyton Manning did choke, the USA was beat in Sochi, I got my first book rejection…

2014 was in many ways like a self-reflecting version of Bill Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, surprises and unforgettable events. Here’s a few highlights month-by-month:

End of Decamber: Opened (the site you’re on, like… now),
January: Looked at my awesome wife and said, “wow” at her hotness, became the Social Media Director at HACS, Became editor at The Dead Philosophers Society, first major blog post,
February: Birth of my second son Tristan Raphael McAfee, entered initiate stage of becoming a Lay member of the Dominican Order, started blogging at Catholic Dormitory,
March: Turned in my first book proposal, received my first proposal rejection,
April: Turned in my book to another publisher, started editing at Ignitum Today,
May: Signed first book contract for Filling Our Father’s House, started administering social media for the Envoy Institute’s Apologetics Camp and Academy,
June: Redesigned, added a podcast to my blog
July: Attended first major Aquinas philosophy/leadership conference in Long Island, finished my book with Sophia Press
August: Became Marketing Director at HACS, taught first MOOC course, discovered Breaking Bad, became addicted to Breaking Bad
September: Completed Breaking Bad series, wept, Signed second book contract for Social Media Magisterium
October: Stopped editing for Ignitum Today
November: Opened, Opened En Route Books and Media as co-owner
December: I wrote this blog post <– pretty big accomplishment there

After new jobs, new websites, an addition to the family and book deals, life feels pretty good. What might surprise you is that while I keep continuous track of my successes, I tab my failures as well. That’s right. I saved that email from xyz rejecting my book, things like that. In fact I printed it and can see it right in front of my at my desk at home. That sort of thing is a badge to me. I think to myself, “this is a rite of passage, that nobody who did well did without.” I apply that attitude to everything I do. Such positive attitudes and reflections on failure are used by me as a device to build on. Part of me takes my failures and wishes to prove them wrong, to rise to an occasion. Remembering mistakes helps to create a hunger inside of us for, while only honoring success creates a sense of complacency and a zoo for egos.

We’re called to be content and satisfied with what the Lord gives us, but we are also commissioned to do great things. We always must remember the difference between being content and being complacent. That’s been the key to my success, in every area, angle, crack and crevice of my life.

2014 was awesome, epic, and several times I sat and wondered what would happen. I put everything in God’s hands, still, especially the failures. I put people first. I quit envying every other Catholic and author out there and told myself to be me. Each time I failed, I told God I was going to try again and glorify him in the meantime. Each time I succeeded, I got a bottle of wine and I moved to the next project with hunger. True story.

Here’s to 2015, and both you and me trusting God and working for the Kindgom of God with passion.