Month: October 2014

The New Viagra Commercial Is Disturbing

The new commercial from Viagra is … There are so many words to choose from that would perfectly fit the description: irritating, embarrassing, awkward, and disturbing. There I was, watching some post-season Major League Baseball, all alone, in my basement (okay, man-cave) doing my homework when this tall blonde British woman starts looking me in the eye and telling me how I should consider consuming pills that help me get… okay you get it. It’s a commercial for Viagra and it’s among the most uncomfortable of all the commercials I’ve endured in 28 years of life on earth. It...

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A Convert’s Journey with the “Rapture”

In my journey across the Tiber, the discoveries of the truths of Catholicism truly overwhelmed me. Upon learning the truth of the Eucharist, baptismal regeneration, the Communion of Saints, and more, I would stare at my Bible in amazement as to how I could have missed these teachings. There was one thing in my conversion that took some extra effort in dis-assembly, though: eschatology. Specifically, the rapture. Now, among all the things the Catholic Church could explain with detail and history to assure it was not “invented,” I was quite shocked to see that the Church did not believe...

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Olivia Stear Conversion and Life After

                I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia Stear in May 2014 in Kansas City. She is a wonderful friend and a gifted evangelist. In this podcast you’ll hear about her conversion and her work as a FOCUS missionary. As mentioned in the podcast, here is information to give to her cause in evangelizing young Catholics. FOCUS “Give Now”: Search for “Olivia Stear” Give ANY amount, one-time, or recurring. She needs your support and there is *no gift too small!* God bless you. [iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”50″ width=”350″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen...

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Jesus Was No “Myth”

Many are familiar with the famous “Trilemma” of C.S. Lewis, that Jesus was a Lunatic, a Liar, or Lord. That is, Jesus was either crazy, a deceiver, or was actually telling the truth about His status as the Son of God. Today, there is another argument Christians must defend against, making this a Quadrilemma: Jesus was a Lunatic, a Liar, the Lord he claimed to be, or a fourth option: a Legend. This is a growing opinion of popular unbelievers, and it’s one of the easiest arguments to make for its proponents because all they purport to be their...

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