Month: October 2014

Same-Sex Policy Versus Archbishop’s Objection in Omaha

I’m concerned about an article that I found while roaming Twitter. It says that the President of Creighton University, a Catholic Jesuit University in Omaha has altered it healthcare policy to include benefits for same-sex spouses. The Archbishop disagrees with this move. I’m troubled by this report, though I am not at all shocked. This is my Archdiocese so I’m naturally concerned. Here’s the main statements from the article which includes emailed statements from the President, Rev. Timothy Lannon and Archbishop George Lucas of Omaha. One might be persuaded in this situation to side with Creighton as an employer,...

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Why Are Converts So Appealing?

I love apologetics. I love studying ways to defend the faith. So does everyone else. Why? Also, I love studying and reading about other converts. But, why? It’s the mark of a child to keep asking “why?” but this is a good question. Why are we so attracted to converts? We love the life-long Catholics, but there is a special power, it seems, in the testimony of the convert. Indeed, in Church history and in our time, there are many who end up converting through the inspiration of converts. Countless souls by the Apostles, numerous academics by Augustine, and...

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Eye of the Tiber’s Samer Naoum’s Story/Interview

  The man, the myth. Actually, nobody really knows who he is, so he really is quite mysterious like Superman and  Clark Kent. He’s Samer Naoum, writer, professional smart-alec, owner of Eye of the Tiber, the Catholic satire site. He’s hilarious and a very good guy too. We work together and decided to unmask the man once and for all. [iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”50″ width=”350″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Check out the latest episode of The...

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Be Careful My Catholic Friends

Be careful my Catholic friends about what you say. The world is watching you, your friends are looking to you, your non-Catholic friends are listening to you. I always think of the many people who are on their way back to the Catholic Church, what they’re thinking when they’re watching me talk, reading what I write, seeing how I react, judging how I judge. I remember when I converted to the Catholic Church, it was glorious for me. And then the next Easter came and I met people in RCIA and online who were on the journey that I...

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