Month: March 2014

A Different Take on Singing Italian Sister Cristina Sciuccia

By now everyone has seen the Italian Ursuline Sister, Cristina Sciuccia, on the Italian show equivalent of “The Voice.” Go here if you need a refresher. Everyone seems to have voiced his or her opinion in a combox or bloggers in their own blog. I’m fine with most of them but I haven’t heard anyone yet project an opinion close to mine which is: Why all the fuss? This sort of thing is already happening. Let me explain. There are those of the opinion that this is not the job of a nun. Some think she should work on her...

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Catholic Crafted Beer

I had know that Trapist monks were in the recreation of crafting some of the worlds best and rarest beers but until I took a trip to San Diego I had no idea the history behind the beer. Beer is one of the world’s oldest concoctions, being featured in secular manuscripts, papyrus, and wall paintings in Egypt. The process has been abundant because beer and wine were better to drink than water which could be parasitic or even poisoned. In San Diego I’m at 50/50 Bar and Grill (50% bacon 50% beef), home to a long list of brews...

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Another FREE Lenten Activity for your Kids!

I wish I had come accross this earlier when I wrote Five FREE Activities for Lent 2014. On that post, there was a lot to do for adults and a little to do as a family, but I just found something that is unique, fun, and cheap – most of which is FREE. I like that word, “free.” Businesses have to stay alive during all parts of the year, but I especially enjoy those that make it inexpensive or free during Lent. Holy Heroes, a family business run by Ken Davison that has several unique resources to get your kiddos involved in Lent and other Catholic activities for the rest of the year. I can’t tell you any better than these kids do, and they’re much cuter than me: [xyz-ihs snippet=”HolyHeroes”] To sign up go to Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure. If you want to explore more of Holy Heroes products and programs for you and your family, visit their main webpage at...

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Two Perfect Lenten Saints: Perpetua and Felicity

Today, 7 March, is the feast day of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity. They are two of the lesser known saints listed in the biptismal litany which is given at the Easter Vigil as the new catechumens are baptized. Thus, they are patron saints of catechumens and wonderful Lent saints. During the reign of Septimius Severus (A.D. 193-211) the persecution of Christians was horrifying. One such punishment to temp believers away from the faith was to tie two legs, each to a bent tree. Once the martyr denied the chance to submit and renounce their faith the soldiers would let free the bent trees, ripping the body in two. Others were nailed to crosses, while others were fed to lions and bears. The persecution under Severus was widespread. Edicts were systematically created to persecute the clergy, then the deacons, then the laity, and even their children. Felicity and her friend/slave Perpetua were of this persecuted lot. They were arrested along with two other men (Saterninus and Secundulus), and were catechumens (those entering the church along with a baptism). Felicity recorded all that occurred during their imprisonment up to their eventual martyrdom. She records that her father tried to convince her to give up her faith, for the sake of the family. Under the law at the time of their execution, a pregnant woman could not be killed which saddened Felicity that she might not...

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My Ex-Protestant Stance On Ash Wednesday

What I’m giving up and taking on for Lent: My snooze button. This is something I seriously depend on each day. It’s going to sound like a “first world problem” but it is a real crutch of mine to hit my snooze button at least 4, 5, maybe even 6 times before actually getting out of bed. In its stead, the time will be taken up by prayer. Today was the first day. The pattern of thoughts after hearing my alarm were: I’m going to hit the snooze and sleep a little. Wait, I can’t, today is the start of Lent. Is it too late to change my commitment? Well, I survived. Ash Wednesday As a convert, each year I seem to forget that Ash Wednesday is not a day of obligation. The week prior I remind myself to make sure my family goes. Then the announcement comes from the pulpit: it’s not an obligation. Really? Coming back to Rome meant several adjustments in my conversion. I didn’t know and understand all the days of obligation but I was more than willing to comply. Some of them surprised me, I admit, but as a convert I would expect that Ask Wednesday ranks as an obligation day. Protestants have few days outside of Christmas and Easter that are special and one happens to land on a Sunday, Palm Sunday, so Protestants...

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