Month: February 2014

Five Reasons to Watch Vikings, Season 2

I dont watch much TV unless it involves sports. In 2013 my family gathered around the TV to watch the History Channel’s historical rendition of The Bible. A couple weeks in they also aired Vikings. I was intreagued by the previews. One episode in, my wife and I were hooked. It was a big break from her addiction to Downton Abbey; a show I couldnt get 20 minutes into. “Just talk about something other than the Titanic, please!” Vikings is a great show. If you haven’t watched it, let me give you 5 reasons to watch this second season starting today, 27 February. Warning: Contains Season 1 spoilers. 1. Understand Your Christian History The Scandinavian people, particularly the Vikings are of the most hyperbolized people of antiquity. Only in the last 200 years have people began to take on a different view of everything from their behavior to their attire. There exists only one depiction of a Viking wearing a helmet with horns, and historians likely place its use in wedding cerimonies. They were known for fair trade, building communal societies with their neighbors, but, yes, they did pillage and they were the followers of the Norse-Pagan religion. Nonetheless, the History Channel’s show Vikings produces an accurate portrayal of the historical epic poetry written by Ragnar Lothbrok. Much of the narration is overwholemingly awesome, and equally concocted by the minds of the producers. What...

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5 FREE Activities for Lent 2014

Need something to do for lent? How about these FREE activities. Some are from the best Catholic Universities and Colleges, others are for you and your family. Enjoy 1. Lenten Journey with Jesus: A Virtual Tour of the Geography of Jesus (March 5 – April 17, 2014) Absolutely free course offered by Holy Apostles College and Seminary, one of two Recommended Online Catholic Colleges from the Cardinal Newman Society. From the website: Over the Lenten season, we will follow Jesus from his humble birth and youth in Bethlehem through his ministry in the Galilee and then to Jerusalem for his death and resurrection. This self-paced course will also consider the religious, cultural, social and political background of Jesus and the early Christians. Students will move through each of the modules with the support of the learning community. No instructor facilitation will occur during this course.  The course is developed by William C. Mills who specializes in scripture, spirituality, and ministry and holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Theology. See for the syllabus and easy 2 minute sign up. 2. Daily Lenten Reflections from Fr. Robert Barron with Word on Fire Daily reflections from the great Fr. Barron. From the WoF website: Each day, from Ash Wednesday (March 5) until Easter Sunday (April 20), Fr. Barron will send you a short reflection, straight to your inbox. In addition, you’ll receive...

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7 Reasons to Believe in Mary’s Ever Virginity

Did Mary have other Children? Did Jesus have biological brothers? These questions are important to many, but especially important to those who are on their way to joining/re-joining the Catholic Church. Because of the copious amount of historical and Biblical evidence to prove that Mary remained a virgin many begin asking, “why does it even matter?” So here are seven of the reasons it is important. 1. Just as Jesus’ tomb remained empty as a silent witness to his resurrection, so Mary’s uterus remained empty as a silent witness to his virginal conception. In other words, the Holy Spirit would be a tough act to follow. 2. It is a display by Mary of her gratitude to God, who chose her among all women (Luke 1:42) to bear the Son of Man. 3. Mary is the Ark of the Covenant (Revelation 11:19-12:2) and as such, is/was the dwelling place of God, Jesus. To place something ordinary would lessen/dishonor the contents Mary was created to hold, as the Ark was to remain pure (see 2 Sam. 6:1-9, Ex. 25:10, Num. 4:15). 4. Mary was given to God at an early age. Her parents, who were childless into their old age, presented Mary to the High Priest in thanksgiving, to be dedicated to God. It would show dishonor and no gratitude to the gift from God that she was. 5. If...

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World’s Worst Evangelist: A Lesson on Prudence

What works in some conversion stories is not what works for others. At times it might seem like apologetics and evangelism are two arts that are refined by trial and error. Discussing the faith with your friend is not the same as discussing the faith with your spouse. Just like what happens in a book is not what will always work on your peers. That’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way. I started looking into Catholicism one October after meeting a Catholic man and challenging him to look further into Protestantism. I was blown away and...

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Les Miserables Valentines Day Cards

I’m a man of habit and obsession. Les Miseables is like a habit and obsession for me and those who know me well endure constant quotes, references, and memes from the movie, play, soundtrack, whatever. So for the lighter side, enjoy these Valentines Day cards inspired by Les Miserables:                   Like this? You’ll love my other posts. Reveive them fresh off the press by subscribing below. —...

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