Month: January 2014

The Live Chats Are Coming!

Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly tell you about a new feature on this site. All readers will have the opportunity to participate in live chats in the coming future. These chats are already scheduled with names such as Matthew Olson from Answering Protestants, David Gray from David L., and Fr. Dwight Longenecker of Patheos. Many more are in the works and you can see the existing schedule by clicking here. At these chats you will get to ask the special guest any question you please, pending moderation of course. Best of all this is absolutely free to...

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Why Was Jesus Baptized?

This coming Sunday is the Baptism of Jesus, which one of the most confusing topics for Christians. We have Jesus, the Man-God, a person of the Trinity, who sought baptism. It confuses people today and confused John the Baptist as well. Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him. John tried to prevent him, saying, “I need to be baptized by you, and yet you are coming to me?” Jesus said to him in reply, “Allow it now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” Then he allowed...

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Summa Blogologica: Question 5 – General Goodness

Question 5 discusses “Goodness in General.” Before we can understand a “Good God” we must understand goodness in general. What is good? You’re about to know! If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have a basic understanding of perfections: do that in Question 4. —– Goodness comes from a desire for a thing’s perfection, and all things that are actual have perfection of some degree. Anything that really exists has this perfection, thus “being” does not differ from goodness in idea. In other words, we can know of a thing without knowing it is good. So there...

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Pope Francis and Atheists

I’ve been following Matt Fradd for a while and just yesterday he posted “15 Things Atheists are Saying About Pope Francis.” I loved it. He got to it first, but I loved it. I mean, I had that idea weeks ago after being inspired in the comment section of months worth of good stories about our Pope. I quickly gave up the “it was my idea first” attitude because he is about 2349870 times more popular than me, so I am happy he said it rather than no one at all. There is no competition in Catholic blogging. Plus, like he...

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