The following is a hypothetical conversation I made while in Patrick Madrid’s Apologetics course at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. The purpose of the conversation is to illuminate the existence of God in a moral argument. Enjoy.

Jay: dude, what up?
Dee: I dunno dude, whatchoo up to?
J: Not much, you?
D: Nothin really.
J: You doing anything this weekend?
D: I got this thing with my mom, she is one of those religious types – real holy roller. I cant believe im related to her.
J: Sounds tough.
D: IT IS! She is always telling me how much “God loves me”. She always says it the same way too, “Jay, you shouldn’t say that, would you say that about your real father, who loves you? Then you shouldn’t say it about God at all either.” You know dude?
J: Uh-
D: Then, “besides, God loves you more than anything”
J: No real harm there, my mom still tells me that.
D: But yeah, but, like, you used to go to church right? You don’t think she is right do you?
J: about what? That God loves you?
D: Well, sort of – that God exists at all! If he loved me, and loved me “more than anything” wouldn’t he do everything he can to make sure nothing bad happened to me?
J: uh-
D: Didn’t my dad die of leukemia? Forget GOD! IF THAT’S GOD, I HOPE A MEMBER OF HIS FAMILY DIES!
J: Jay-
D: Don’t you think – and follow me here, don’t you try to pull some crap on me – don’t you think that God would do something to stop all the evil in the world?
J: He did.
D: What?!
J: His own son died, man.
D: Oh come on! But… you don’t believe that do you?
J: Well, work with me here. Just assume it’s true. Assume for a second that God exists and he loves you, and there is evil in the world and he has a son.
D: okay, hurry up.
J: Well if there is something to be done, someone has to answer for it, right?
D: That’s right.
J: And who can answer for all this evil? What human can do that?
D: …
J: Suppose you buy a house, and can’t pay the load back, ever, you won’t ever work off that loan.
D: okay, better be a big house.
J: It is. Stay with me. So someone, who is so rich, money is not even a possession. He is so powerful among his associates, that the whole world eventually answers to him. Well that person comes and pays off YOUR loan.
D: I see where you are going.
J: Well that’s how it works. See, you and me have done some bad things. Crud, we still do bad things!
D: No doubt boo!
J: Well, this person paid our debt! Now, forget all your other questions – their answers will come. But doesn’t it make sense? Can’t there only be one person, who has to be perfect in order to save you?
D: I guess.
J: Well.. what would you say if said person exists?
D: I don’t know… owe him everything.
J: Right?
D: I don’t know if I can do that.
J: The work is done, man. That’s what I just said.
D: That’s a lot to think about man. I dunno…
J: Well. Listen. The questions to your answers will come. I understand it man, I didn’t always believe, and I struggle to believe all the time. The fact is though this isn’t the end of the conversation. There is a lot more to discuss.
D: Well can we save it for another day?
J: of course dude. Let’s go.