Month: December 2013

Conversation on Evil

The following is a hypothetical conversation I made while in Patrick Madrid’s Apologetics course at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. The purpose of the conversation is to illuminate the existence of God in a moral argument. Enjoy. Jay: dude, what up? Dee: I dunno dude, whatchoo up to? J: Not much, you? D: Nothin really. J: You doing anything this weekend? D: I got this thing with my mom, she is one of those religious types – real holy roller. I cant believe im related to her. J: Sounds tough. D: IT IS! She is always telling me how...

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Summa Blogologica: Question 4 – God is Perfect

The fourth question in the Summa Theologica answers the perfections of God. You will find it helpful to remember the qinque viae (English, “five ways”) from Question 2, specifically the degrees of perfection from which we know God exists. As Christians we often are seen as arrogant for claiming our God is perfect, but as you will see, being “perfect” is a requirement to be God at all, not an opinion. I don’t usually include them, but here you will see the objections that St. Aquinas answers. It’s important in some of the Questions because we have to know first of...

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Tradition and the Bible

When you tell your Protestant friends or relatives about the “Traditions” of the Catholic Church you’re likely to receive some attention. The antithesis to a church that relies on the “Bible only” is not a church that relies on “Tradition only.” That is what most objectors to Catholicism would like others to think – that we believe that Tradition somehow trumps the Scriptures. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Catholic Church teaches that the Bible is an authority, but not the authority. Just as the Church also teaches Tradition as an authority, but not the authority. The Protestant must understand this and in order to make that happen effectively, the...

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A Special Day for All Saints

In the Catholic Church we have obligations. We are to go to Mass each Sunday and on Holy Days. Halloween itself is not a Holy Day, but it is the eve of All Saints Day in which we remember and celebrate the lives of all Saints who have left this world in faith. But Protestants have removed themselves removed from that. Of course, to a Protestant it is more than just a day of dress-up and candy. We have to give them credit, its also a day for family fun. Though, because Protestants do not celebrate the Holy Days as the Church has for...

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Summa Blogologica: Question 3 – Our God is a Simple God

Question 3 of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae discusses the question “Whether God is Simple”. Referring to God as “simple” is not to detract from his awesomeness when considering his nature compared to man, but “simple” as converse to complex when considering a body, form, and matter.  —– God cannot have a body for a body is of matter and form. Matter and form are complimented by one other ingredient to make a body, which is the ability of change. Remember in the quinque viae (English, Five Proofs) that change was a proof of God, which made this “God” the necessary being...

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