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20 Answers: Relics and Sacramentals

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20 Answers: Relics and Sacramentals

Aren’t relics and sacramentals just “Catholic superstition”?

What are some biblical reasons for revering sacred objects and using them in prayer?

How does the Church know that body parts of saints and other holy objects are authentic?

Are there any rules for keeping relics and sacramentals at home, giving them to others, and disposing of them if necessary?

The use of holy objects in worship is one of the best-known hallmarks of Catholicism—and one of the most misunderstood. Whether it’s venerating the corporal remains or personal belongings of saints (relics) or praying with the help of tangible items in liturgy and individual devotion (sacramentals), such practices often puzzle Catholic, Protestant, and nonbeliever alike. 20 Answers: Relics and Sacramentals clears up the misconceptions and shows you how Christianity is truly an incarnational religion that involves the whole person, body and soul, and the physical world that Jesus came to redeem.

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