St. Thomas Aquinas wrote the Summa Theologica (also written as the Theologiae) very near to the end of his life. The massive work was requested and meant to be a summary of Christian belief. It turned out to be a wealth of academia and also proved to be vital for many generations of theologians and philosophers of the Church and elsewhere. It is still the primary text for seminarians and theology students.

Here I have done my best to provide for you a piece by piece concise summary of the Summa. I recommend Verbum Software and hope you find this useful in your study.

Question 2: God’s Existence
Question 3: God is Simple
Question 4: God is Perfect
Question 5: Goodness in General
Question 6: The Goodness of God
Question 7: The Infinity of God
Question 8: The Existence of God in Things
Question 9: The Immutability of God (Changeless)
Question 10: The Eternity of God
Question 12: to be added
Question 13: to be added
Question 14: God’s Knowledge
Question 15: Ideas in God
Question 16: Truth
Question 17: Falsity
Question 18: The Life of God
Question 19: The Will of God
Question 20: God’s Love
Question 21: The Mercy and Justice of God
Question 22: to be added
Question 23: to be added
Question 24: to be added
Question 25: to be added
Question 26: to be added
Question 27: The Proceeding of the Divine Persons
Question 28: The Divine Relations
Question 29: The Divine Persons 
Question 30: The Plurality of Persons in God
Question 31: Terms for Unity and Plurality in God
Question 32: Our Knowledge of the Divine Persons
Question 33: The Person of God the Father
Question 34: The Person of God the Son
Question 35: The Son as the Image of the Father

More to come soon.