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Catholic Answers

Should I Pray for the Devil?
Am I Really Not Allowed to Cuss or Swear?
Five People You Actually Meet in Heaven
Dogma Means Unity, not Division
Refuting the ‘Pagan Roots of Christmas’ Claim

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Do You Even Blog, Bro?
What Your Website Might Be Missing…

Ignitum Today

My Dream Has Come True
Six Reasons It’s Totally Fine to Never Get Married, A Response to Huffington Post
Mark Driscoll’s Lies About the Apostles Creed

A Different Take on Singing Italian Sister Cristina Sciuccia
Seven Inspiring Movies for Lent
Five Free Activities for Lent 2014
Marriage as a Vocation
What Evangelical Catholics Can Learn from Protestants
Distance Learning With Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Catholics and the “Extra Stuff”
A Biblical Look at Confession
If the Church Is Boring or “Redundant”, Is Marriage Too?
Call of Duty: Modern Christian

Catholic Lane

Bad Evangelist Club: Win the Debate, Lose the Soul
How does the Church Respond to Suicide?


A Review of Pope Francis’ Pontificate in Memes
Mega-Church Pastor Rick Warren to Outsource Sermons to Reddit Commenters (SATIRE!)
Convert Almost Drowns in Unexpected Full Immersion Baptism (SATIRE!)


The Deep Pain of Infertility: A Man’s Perspective

Dead Philosophers Society – Editor and Contributor

Healthy Habits of a Good Student
Four Ways to Be a Better Student

The Dawkins Dysfunction
Is it Anyone’s Guess? Details About Assignments

Catholic Dormitory

Common Objections Answered Pt. 1
The Gospel According to Alice in Wonderland

The Tripel Karmeliet – Light in the Black Death

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