The moment I started this book I was hooked. The opening chapter by Jesse Romero was like a shot of literary adrenaline. I havent read something that motivating, that fast paced, that inspiring in a while – and I mean it.

The book is constructed and edited by Jared Zimmerer, body builder, author, creator of Strength for the Kingdom ministry, and blogger for Word on Fire. Jared has found himself in a nice little niche of Catholic ministry in that, while everyone is discussing and authoring books about piety and righteousness, his approach, which he calls “The New Asceticism” is a new take on an old concept. Where in the days of the Monks of Syria or those in Egypt, asceticism was a means of defying the body certain pleasures in order to increase the strength of the soul, Jared’s take is to build the temple give to us by God and to build the soul. Now, I’m a history buff so I have nothing against the “old” asceticism, but I certainly appreciate Jared’s take and his mission to catechize, strengthen, and build up Catholic manhood, literally.

The authors he has lined up are the perfect men for their respective topics. Here’s a peek:

– Fr. Steven Gunrow, CEO of Word on Fire, discusses Sacramental manhood.
– Dr. Kevin Vost, psychologist and well known author, discusses manning up your mind.
– Shane Kapler, who seems to know everything about Hebrew/Catholic prayer, discusses just that.

A host of other well-known authors, like Fr. Dwight Longenecker, also contribute in their usual prose. The book is easy to read, covers every necessary subject, and is a call to arms for Catholic men to get off their butts and start living like men of a Kingdom. I’m proud to say with all honesty that I don’t read a lot of books twice but this is one of them. He is the perfect man for the job and his book is a MANifesto on the subject, it is the MANual, the book that should be on everyone’s MANtle.

If you’re up for the challenge of being a real man, buy the book here on Amazon.