Someone recently said, “What we once considered hardcore porn became softcore, and what was considered softcore is now the halftime show at the Super Bowl.” This is the sexualization of America. Can we have one national sporting event, one award show, that doesn’t involve half naked women with their butts hanging out of their shorts?

Last year’s Super Bowl with Beyonce I couldn’t be sure if I was watching the Victoria Secret fashion extravaganza or a halftime show. It was awkward to watch with my wife especially with Beyonce seemingly making eye contact with me in a distant attempt at seduction through the camera lens. I can’t even imagine what it will be like to explain to my boys in a few years when we change the channel or leave the room to avoid the partial nudity. Incase you think I am talking in extremes, don’t you remember the Janet Jackson incident a full decade ago? Justin Timberlake walked over and ripped her breast cup right off her costume and stood there like:

Not entertained

They “apologized” and said it was a “wardrobe malfunction”. Really? JT reached out and ripped her costume and they both just stood there like it was the finale. It was. It was awful.

From then on, if you hadn’t noticed the Super Bowl people decided to stick with older bands to make sure that incident didn’t repeat itself. The very next year it was Paul McCartney, then The Rolling Stones, then Prince, then Tom Petty, then Springsteen, then The Who. The year after that they took a leap and went with the Black Eyed Peas. I think we were all a little surprised to see all of them huddled together just bouncing their knees and maybe a hip-jerk in there somewhere too. It was a very tame performance and they were probably told to do so as we all know they are known for wildly theatrical concerts. That was the last of the unsexualized halftime shows. Next it was a saucy Madonna and Nicki Manaj which brings us to last year’s Beyonce which we all agree was quite family unfriendly and downright awkward. Betcha can’t wait for this year’s performance by Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers the first of which being the headliner.

Where do I begin? With the band who has been known to play with nothing but socks or the young musician who’s music videos are staged in strip clubs with him singing “Your sex takes me to paradise”? Only the planners know what’s going to happen. I don’t want to miss a good RHCP song but I also don’t want to have another moment where my wife is sitting next to me, a toddler too, and we’re all staring at boobs, butts, and other cleavage. Perhaps they will take a lesson from the feedback against last year’s show but I can’t count on that.

What’s worse about all of this is that in a time where “women’s rights” are an issue, the producers insist on ensuring women are shown to be only a stage object of sex. Where is the dignity in that? Don’t they understand that they are reducing the perceived worth of women, dehumanizing them, and communicating that their utmost worth is just sex? Women are the dignified carriers of children, the loving carers of each generation, and the spouses which God Himself observed man could not live without. Without women we have no kids, no moms, no wife, no Mary. The savior of mankind arrived through a women and this is how we are letting the next generation learn what women are to be treated like? These are all wonderful gifts and blessings to women but what gives them real dignity is their being humans.

I don’t understand it and I probably won’t be watching this year’s halftime show because sex doesn’t take me to paradise. A chaste life will, though. Instead I’m going to make some nachos and drink some beer and kiss my wife and tell her that she is a creature that I was created for and cannot survive or be happy without.