There is an amazing opportunity and growing phenomena that is called a “Massive Open Online Course” (MOOC). The MOOC idea is a couple of years old and started as a college experiment where the school offers an open, completely free, no obligations, no strings attached (get the point?) course to anyone.

Holy Apostles College and Seminary (HACS) is offering this, and has ben the champion of the MOOC since Fall 2013. They are the only Catholic College or University to offer a MOOC. HACS, if you didn’t know, is one of two non-campus online school’s recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society.

Case and point: you should sign up.

February 3rd starts the new course for “New Atheism”, taught by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood. The course is 25 days long and if you decide you cannot finish the course there is no penalty. This is absolutely risk free and will benefit you Catholic faith and education greatly.

Enrollment takes minutes and here’s how to sign up:

1. Go to HACSMOOC and find the course you want. I suggest the New Atheism course. Make sure to check the syllabus incase there are books to purchase.
2. Scroll to the bottom and click the hyperlink “Register for the MOOC here”. You will be taken to EventBrite to complete your registration.
3. Choose your course and the quantity (should be 1) the click “Register”.
4. Enter your information and finish. You will be emailed instructions.

That’s it. In minutes you can enroll with one of the most distinguished and faithfully Catholic schools there is. Keep an eye on the MOOC website for more free courses in the future.