I wish I had come accross this earlier when I wrote Five FREE Activities for Lent 2014.

On that post, there was a lot to do for adults and a little to do as a family, but I just found something that is unique, fun, and cheap – most of which is FREE. I like that word, “free.” Businesses have to stay alive during all parts of the year, but I especially enjoy those that make it inexpensive or free during Lent.

Holy Heroes, a family business run by Ken Davison that has several unique resources to get your kiddos involved in Lent and other Catholic activities for the rest of the year. I can’t tell you any better than these kids do, and they’re much cuter than me:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”HolyHeroes”]

To sign up go to Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure. If you want to explore more of Holy Heroes products and programs for you and your family, visit their main webpage at HolyHeroes.com